Make Homemade Solar Panels – The Easiest Way

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GUIDE: How To Make a DIY Solar Power System At Home
Solar panels provide a great help and usefulness to many people because of their unique performance and benefits. Most of the time, people tend to look for experts to do the solar panel installation for themselves. But at present they can already make their own solar panel and have it installed in their home. Making homemade solar panels has been made easy and convenient so that everybody can do it by themselves even if they are at home.

If you really want to try doing it yourself, then you have to continue reading and bear in mind all the details given. In fact, this can help you save money in the long run. However, before you are able to experience this, make sure that you know how to make solar panels.

If you really wish to save more money on the system of your solar power at home, you should learn how to make DIY solar panels. It is more affordable than purchasing these panels. There is no need to worry if you are not knowledgeable about DIY solar panel installation. The truth is that it is not actually difficult to do. The building process of homemade solar panel is composed of these steps:

Look for Cost Effective Solar Cells for Solar Panel Power
Solar Cells

There are various places to go if you are trying to look for an affordable solar cell. There is a wide range of selection for these solar cells. Through online stores and local shops you can make a good choice from them. You may also get started through looking for auction listing for broken solar cells, solar panel for parts, and damaged solar cells.
This can be a great way to have solar cells that might have minor cosmetic damages or does not produce 100 percent power required. The broken cells are still producing power while working great for making solar panels.

On the other hand, you may also look for damaged or used solar panels that are still working perfectly for a solar panel setup through construction signs. Nowadays, many road work signs got flashing lights that are running on power that comes from the smaller solar panels.

Build a Weatherproof Box to Mount the Solar Cells

building solar panel box
This is the next big step to take when making DIY solar panels. The box should just be a few inches deep. It should also be as long and wide as necessary for accommodation of the solar cell rows. In addition, it must be several inches around perimeter for box frame. Simply drill a small holes series on both the right and left sides of the box frame. This is to prevent moisture and allow ventilation. Your box frame must be established with plastic.

Soldering and Wiring Solar Cells
 Solar Cell Soldering

After creating the box, wire the solar cells altogether. Solar cells need to get wired in series along with every row that starts and ends in the same polarity cell. Provide the soldering iron pen-type and acid-core solder for connecting the solar cells. See to it that in every panel, you are using the same cell type. This is to ensure that there will be equal specific power output.

Before placing the solar cells in the box, connect them into the backer board which has been made of pegboard or tileboard. It allows you to eliminate the whole solar cell set easily in case there is a necessity to do something on them. You may connect your solar cells into the board through putting them faced down on the workbench. Next, apply a small adhesive caulk blob into the center portion of every cell.

Place your backer board at the top area of these cells and gently press down across the backboard surface. Put several books that have even space into the board while caulk gets dry. Put the backboard/solar cell assembly to the solar panel weatherproof box and have the lid attached.

After that last step, you finally have your own homemade solar panel that can last for a longer period of time more than what you have expected. Once you already mastered how to make solar panels, everything will be very easy and quick for you since you are more confident to do such thing.
However, if you also want to learn DIY solar panels in a step by step process, take note of the following steps below:

Cut the copper sheeting: Take the metal shears. Cut 2 copper sheeting pieces into 2 equal sizes. These pieces should not be larger than the burner to ensure that the whole copper piece will be heated equally and thoroughly.

Clean the copper: Wash hands as well as the copper piece to make sure that there will no other contaminants and grease. Touch copper sheets with your gloves and wash the sheet. Then take the emery cloth or sandpaper and sand down the sheet’s top layer to ensure that it will be free of contaminants and debris.

Burn the copper: Turn burner into the highest setting. Put a piece of copper sheeting and it will turn into different colors. Heat it thoroughly until it has been covered with black cupric oxide.

Wash off the Scalded Layer Gently: Tap the heated copper gently on the edge to eliminate the black cupric oxide. Wash it with water and soap to see the reddish rust cuprous oxide layer.

Place your copper into the mason jar: Remove the copper piece heated and put it inside the mason jar. See to it that copper sheet’s side faces the jar’s inside.

Connect alligator clips

Pour in Salt Water

Let the Sun do the Magic

These are the step-by-step process of making homemade solar panels. There are actually so many ways to do that can help you save money from these panels. All you have to do is to follow these steps carefully.

Let’s watch the video showing how solar cells are connected and made into a retail solar panel.

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