Solar Power Is Our Future Source Of Electricity

Posted on : 11-03-2013 | By : Max | In : Solar Power


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Solar energy in our time

Currently, solar power is mainly generated by means of solar panel systems. Solar power panels convert sunlight into electricity. Until now their main drawback was the lack of energy at night. However, recent developments and the improved performance of the panels made the production of energy possible even at night.

Solar energy is the future

Now solar panels are widely used for the production of energy for homes. One of the factors of the growth in the use of solar panels is their durability. Manufacturers guarantee efficient work of panels for 25 years from the date of installation. Another factor is government programs that provide benefits for their installation.

It may take a long time before we fully move to home solar power to meet our needs for electricity. However, the current rate of fossil fuel consumption is very high and more and more people are thinking about switching to residential solar energy.

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