DIY Solar Panels Video Testimonials

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Here I have posted a few videos that show examples of how ordinary people installed solar panels for home, without any help of professionals. This saved them thousands of dollars. Anyone can install it manually. There is no need to be an electrician or a specialist in this matter. You just need a quality instruction that will help you create a solar power system for home at minimal expenses.

How to Make Home Solar Power System – My Story

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Click here to see the guide that finally helped me make DIY solar power system

Hey Max here,

If you want to build home solar power system and forget about the electric bills, I strongly suggest you keep reading…

Because I’ll tell you the story of how my parents have already been living for six months without paying a penny for electricity.

My mom and dad live in a separate house and earn quite a bit of money. My dad used to always complain about an energy company that sent him too big electric bills, and wanted somehow reduce these costs. Installation of energy-saving light bulbs did not solve their problems.

Then dad found out that one businessman in his street installed solar panels on the roof of his house and reduced his energy costs quite considerably. We decided to find out how much the installation on the roof of our house will cost. We applied to the local company and were struck by the reply. The company offered us to install solar panels for over $20,000! This price was too high for us. Even if we were able to pay so much money for the installation, we would have to wait years before these panels were paid off. This was not an option.

But, despite all this, the idea of installing solar panels was good. I decided to search the internet, if there were some sites where the installation of solar panels by hand would described, since solar cells are cheap. I studied dozens of free sites, watched dozens of videos on Youtube, but didn’t find any qualitative step-by-step installation guide describing all the necessary materials. I was disappointed.

But then I suddenly came across a site that offered a paid guide to installing solar power system. At first I was very skeptical of the proposal, as it was an advertising website. Then, after reading testimonials of the product, I decided to buy it, especially since it was offered for a discounted price. The package consisted of 7 eBooks and 8 video files with a step-by-step description of the installation of solar panels and wind turbines, and a bonus guide to creating your own bio diesel.

diy solar panels
I told my father about the product and he decided to try to install by himself. As it turned out, he could buy all the materials required for the installation at any hardware store and on eBay for a little over $200. My dad took up the installation, and the first homemade solar panel was ready in 1 day (you can see my dad installing his first solar panel on the photo). And this despite the fact that my dad was not an electrician and wasn’t very good at electronics. He said that all the installation steps were well illustrated in the videos that helped him assemble the panel alone so quickly.

During the first month my dad made five panels and started waiting for the result. A month later, he received the electric bill by 40% less than usual! “Wow, this really works!”, I thought then.

It’s been six months and now my parents don’t pay for electricity at all, because they produce energy themselves. My dad has already set 15 panels, and thanks me for this tutorial, and I’m glad I helped him.

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide either to use this DIY solar panels manual or not. The only drawback is that you need to understand the installation process, and the assembly of one panel takes more than one day if you are not a professional. I hope my story will help you to build your own home solar power system.

Thank you for your attention.
Sincerely, Max.

Click here to see the DIY solar power guide

PS: In this guide you’ll also know what solar battery, inverter and charge controller is better to choose for your DIY solar power system.