Before Starting a DIY Solar Power Project

Posted on : 23-04-2013 | By : Max | In : DIY Solar


GUIDE: How To Make a DIY Solar Power System At Home

3 questions you should ask yourself before starting a DIY solar power project:

1. Are you sure you want to do it?
I know some people who have purchased the necessary materials, thoroughly prepared, but then they suddenly lost all desire to do it, they got tired. Are you a hundred per cent sure that you’ll finish the project and won’t stop halfway.

2. Are you willing to spend considerable time on the project?
It can takes you about 2 days to build only one panel. You should be aware that the project will take you a lot of time, because you’ll need to study in details the step by step manual. After making the 1st panel it will be much easier to make the others, and you will assemble them much faster. The most difficult part is the beginning.

3. Will you create a panel studying only textual material or with the video?
If my father didn’t have a quality instruction with the video detailing the installation steps, I think he would have failed, because my father is not an electrician and has never created anything like this. If you have only texts, some parts of the installation process can be confusing. You definitely need to have a step by step video description of the process.

That’s it. Ask yourself these questions before you start your DIY solar power project. Again, I repeat, never give up. Be extremely focused, believe that everything will be OK, and the success of the work will be provided.

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